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Challenges Teachers Face

Based on the latest survey results, we’ll delve into the real challenges teachers like you are experiencing in classrooms today.

Solutions to Overcome Them

Learn practical, actionable solutions to overcome these challenges and transform your teaching approach enjoy energy filled classrooms.

The A.I.M. Framework

Explore the groundbreaking A.I.M. (Adapt, Innovate, Motivate) framework, designed to elevate your teaching game to new heights.

Ananda Reddy


Your Host & Facilitator

Ananda’s lifelong dedication to learning is rooted in his family’s teaching tradition, and he’s recognized for his unwavering commitment to education.

🌟 Education Leadership: As “Dean – Academics” in a K-12 School, he shaped academic excellence, fostering innovative learning.

🌟 Education Transformation: Ananda’s innovative concepts transformed institutions like “Presidency College of Hotel Management” and “PES Institute of Hotel Management” with the introduction of “SMILE” (Self-Managed In-depth Learning).

🌟 As co-founder, Ananda co-crafted modules on Parenting and designed comprehensive systems in ACE Institute for Creating Excellence

🌟 Established “Vishwa Mitra Academy of Learning”, to empower educators & foster independent learners

He’s committed to guiding schools and colleges to bring in the culture where “No Student is Left Behind” & “Every Student Blossoms to Full Potential”

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an education visionary 

What You Get


Gain Insights

Understand the challenges teachers face and how to address them

Innovative Solutions

Discover innovative techniques to revamp your teaching methods.

The A.I.M. Framework

Acquire a proven framework to adapt, innovate, and motivate your students .


Answers to your questions

Banish your confusions, get clarity and gain insights.


Practical Tips

Get a head start with practical advice on how to implement the solutions

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Support for your journey in professional development

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What people say about Ananda

“Reflecting on my time at Presidency College of Hotel Management in 2004-05, working alongside Mr. Ananda Reddy as Principal, I’m reminded of his transformative teaching philosophy. He championed the idea that teaching truly succeeds only when it leads to learning, emphasising the importance of cultivating self-motivated, independent learners, or as he coined it, “SMILE.” This principle has greatly enriched my teaching journey. Let’s prioritise our students’ learning over our teaching, nurturing SMILE, and inspiring a lifelong passion for learning in our classrooms.”
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Preetha George

Senior Lecturer