Did you ever wonder why some people make crores while some just survive in the same business under the same conditions?  

Do you think that setting and achieving goals is a question of special abilities or luck?

Do you believe that only those who have skills or talents in this area can set their mind on something and simply get what they want out of life?

Thankfully, it’s not a question of special abilities, luck, skill or talent. We all have this potential but we are not always aware of it.

We all know that setting goals is one of the most important things that we can do. Goals give us direction in our lives and provide a target for us to go after.  They force us to get outside of our comfort zones and push ourselves towards achieving something that we want.  They’re essential to life.

Unfortunately, most people don’t set goals or even know how to set goals properly. It’s often during New Years that people set goals because that’s what they “think they should do”.  Or, they set goals but don’t even look at them again.

Learn how to set proper goals and plan to achieve them in 2017.

We will guide you step by step through the process of setting goals. You will learn and master skills for life.

You will benefit from a group workshop but the plan will be yours. Decide what you want to achieve. Understand what a well-set goal looks like and move towards achieving it. With this knowledge and understanding the power will be in your hands to use these strategies in day-to-day life. Our goal setting workshop is here to help you.

You already have what it takes to make progress. Now make a decision and commit to it. Focus on your dreams, join us for this workshop and learn how to turn dreams into goals and make them real.

Come and join the like-minded people and make your dreams reality in 2017!


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Who is it for:

This workshop is for you if you want to learn the skills necessary to set achievable goals, to plan and reach for your dreams in a way that significantly increases your opportunities to succeed.

What will I learn?

  • Learn to clarify your life goals

  • Align your goals for 2017 with your life goals

  • Understand how to stay motivated through the year

  • Create a day-to-day Roadmap to reach your goals

When will I learn?

21 January,
8:30am to 6:30 pm

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Your coach Ananda Reddy

Ananda is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 33 years of experience, and 5 successful businesses. As Founder CEO of “Inner Genius”​, he aims to coach business owners and professional to enhance their efficiency, and to achieve their goals.

Ananda started his career as a Chef in Taj Group of Hotels. In a career spanning 33 years he has played many roles, including Training Manager for process trainings, Principal of “Presidency College of Hotel Management”, and “PES Institute of Hotel Management”.

He has also established “Vishwa Mitra Academy of Learning” as a trust to empower teachers in Educational Institutions.

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